About the RockDoc

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Image shows Matt McNulty, sat with wife Sarah, enjoying a drink
Image shows Matt, at the Bristol HiFi show, leaning over a blue Rock 2, to prep it for the show. On the table can be seen cleaning cloths, tools and polish.

Who is the RockDoc?

Matt McNulty aka “the RockDoc”, has a long standing fascination with audio and turntables, spanning over 35 years. As an engineer and enthusiast, a self-proclaimed “massive fan of the mechanics of record replay”, he has spent many years listening to, playing with and getting the best out of his own and other people’s equipment. His background also includes time working for loudspeaker manufacturer Celestion, where he was a line sound quality test engineer and latterly, worked with the design teams on Celestion’s high end HiFi loudspeakers.

Matt’s passion for Townshend turntables goes right back to the start of his audio journey. Having purchased his first Rock II in 1987, he has had at least one Rock in his collection ever since (as well as also owning many other high-end turntables over the years). Over several years, Matt helped many people with the setup of their turntables, having recognised that these skills were dying out during the CD reign, along with (at the time) the use of vinyl. In fact, it was this voluntary work, which led to the name “The RockDoc” – a term coined by a happy customer……it sort of stuck!

That enduring passion for Townshend turntables led Matt to begin renovating Rocks, working to improve both their sound and looks with several improvements being developed by him. The Townshend family have fully supported him with his work on the Rocks and, in recent times, prior to his sad passing, Max and the whole family had become very dear friends. The family continue to be so (thank you!). Matt fully acknowledges that without Max's superb engineering (in all his audio designs), his hobby and fascination with Townshend turntables would not exist, so Townshend Audio deserve the credit for all this wonderful HiFi. Matt feels that it’s important that the legacy of the Rock is continued and preserved for the future. For them to be forgotten, in time, would be a sad loss. For more information on Townshend's products, please click here.

Matt is also now the sole approved service agent for Townshend Rock turntables but he does much more than servicing and restoring them. To find out more about his varied work, click here.

When Matt isn’t working on turntables or playing with audio equipment, he has a day job – still working as an engineer – or can be found listening to his ever growing collection of vinyl, working on (or looking at) classic cars and enjoying time with friends and family, including wife Sarah (Mrs. RockDoc - who is becoming well known in HiFi circles for her pies’) and their pet Cockatiel, fondly known as “Nutsack”.

Additional information can be found in the interview that Matt did with HiFi Pig, which can be found here.