Custom & Standard Townshend Rock Restoration

A rock plinth, pictured on a stand, having just been painted red.
Image showing the bearing shaft diameter being measured using a vernier caliper
Image showing refurbishment of a Rock 2 sub platter

Fully bespoke service to cater for customers needs / wants. Options include:

  • Unique paint colours, never before used on Rocks and the same paint code never used twice, making each piece unique (available with full custom rebuilds only).

  • Standard servicing i.e. belt, oil & trough fluid.

  • Motor replacement and PSU work.

  • Refurbishing bearing

  • Ball bearing replacement & upgrade

  • Excalibur tonearm full rebuild / bearing replacement / rewires - for more information click here

  • Custom modifications - more information available here

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch. You can find more pictures of custom Rock restorations on Instagram or by visiting the Gallery page.

Image shows the left corner of a red Rock 2 plinth, with a red power switch fitted.
Image shows a white Rock 2 part way through re-build, with the trough and sub platter fitted.
Image shows a purple Rock 2 plinth, freshly painted and ready to be rebuilt.